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Nit Nem - Gurbani Ucharan

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Guru Pyareo

Maskeen Sahib had a very long daily Nit Nem. Towards the end he would recite parts of Dasam Bani and many inspirational Shabads in his mesmerizing voice. Below are recordings of Nit Nem followed by the shabads he recited in "Akal Ustat". Two additional recordings have been added. In 1970 my Grandfather recorded Maskeen Sahib reciting Sukhmani Sahib. These recordings are also offered below for download.

Kathas are being added frequently please check back or send me an email so I can inform you when additions have been made.

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Nit Nem 1- Jap Ji Sahib & Jaap Sahib

Nit Nem 2 - Jaap thru Anand Sahib (full)

Akal Ustat - Gurbani Ucharan 1

Akal Ustat - Gurbani Ucharan 2

Sukhmani Sahib 1 (recorded in 1970)

Sukhmani Sahib 2 (recorded in 1970)

Rehras Sahib

Kirtan Sohila

Swaiye Mahala 5

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